Meeting Your Business Needs 

We understand that your business needs a comprehensive phone system to compete in today's business environment. With Kloudvoice, you don't have to compromise, and in most instances we provide more than alternative solutions. Below are features that are included with all Kloudvoice service plans. In addition to these default features, each customer may configure or personalize their Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or phone system to meet specific business requirements.NOTE: Additional features may be available that are not listed on this page. Please call (510) 252-9688 if there is a feature of interest that is not listed below.

Feature List Introduction

The Kloudvoice Hosted PBX and Business VoIP Features List is intended to provide Kloudvoice customers with a comprehensive list of Standard (S), Premium (P), and Custom (C) features available from Kloudvoice hosted solutions. Premium and Custom features are included in certain plans, or may cost extra. Please note that our features change frequently in response to customer requests and market needs, so please check with us often to receive an updated version of this Features List.

Category: Kloudvoice Hosted PBX Features

Feature Group: Auto Attendants
​Customer Web Based Portal, Top Level Auto Attendant (Always On), Multiple Top Level Auto Attendants (Always on), Auto Attendant (Time Based) available after N rings or based on time of day, Sub-Level Auto Attendants for different departments within an organization.
Feature Group: Call Management

​Auto Attendant Answering, Live Person Answering, Direct Inward Dialing, 2, 3, or 4 (or More) Digit Extension Dialing, Caller ID, Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Voicemail to Text Message, Ring Groups, Find Me (Kloudvoice Digital Assistant), Music On Hold, Attended Transfer, Unattended Transfer(Blind Transfer), Call Forwarding, Busy/No Answer Call Forwarding, Incoming Call Blocking, Incoming Privacy Screening, Incoming Caller ID/DID Routing, Outgoing Call Blocking, ​​Incoming Call Identification, One Button Redial, Do-not-disturb (DND), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Call Queue, Call routing based on business hours, after hours & holiday hours, Speed Dial, Company Wide Directory, Forward your calls Locally or Remotely via Phone or Web,Caller ID Blocking, Call Recording, DISA (Direct Inward System Access), Office Intercom, Disable Outbound Dialing on certain extensions only.

Feature Group: Call Conferencing 

​​3-way Conference Call,

Conference Bridge:Multiple on-site and outside callers can simultaneously participate in password protected conference calls. Callers can be assigned talk-listen or listen only access.

Feature Group: Music on Hold

​Default Music On Hold; provide by kloudvoice free.

Custom Music On Hold: provided by Customer, and uploaded through the Customer Portal,

​Commercial On Hold: Record your commercial and upload it to your PBX via the Kloudvoice Portal.

​Commercial On Hold By Location or Queue: Multiple commercials on hold may be uploaded to your Kloudvoice PBX, and can be unique based on location or queue.

Feature Group: Reporting 

Call Detail Records, Call volume graphs by time of day, month, year or custom dates, Call traffic by extension,Detailed Accounting.

Category: Kloudvoice Business VoIP Features 

Feature Group: Origination and Termination 

FREE Calls to other Kloudvoice Voice subscribers, Domestic Origination, Domestic Termination, International Termination, SIP Trunking, E911 support, compliant with all FCC mandates.Toll Free Numbers: Utilize one or multiple Toll Free numbers which may be routed to a specific local DID, auto attendant, group or queue.

Category: Voice Management Device (VMD)

Feature Group: Voice Management Device 

LAN Segmentation,VoIP Firewall, DHCP for VoIP Devices, Data Bridge(The data side of the network is passed through the Kloudvoice VMD),

​Rate Limiting (Traffic on your broadband connection may be managed to control),Diagnostics(our support Agents may utilize to diagnose any issues you might have).

​Configuration Management (Each VMD may be configured to meet the requirements of your environment.)

For additional information on premium or custom features, please contact your Kloudvoice representative. Just as important, the features listed above may vary considerably from actual features provided by Kloudvoice. Actual features made available may vary based on the Services ordered by each Customer or Reseller. Some features may not be available depending on the specific Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) device and/or SoftPhone being used. Each manufacturer controls and determines the features of their CPE device or software based on the make and model, and the version of any software provided by the manufacturer.

​​DISCLAIMER: The above features and functions are subject to change without notice